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Welcome to Kadamba Chit Funds

Kadamba chits, set up in 2014 of an unassuming way, has today procured a significant name in the Chit Fund Business, with the fulfilment of umpteen number of gatherings. It says a lot of our reliability achieved by broadening uncommon administrations in the course of recent years, keeping up supported development. We are presently venturing into our 4th Year, with the yearning to serve you, as sharp as ever.

Our profound responsibility regarding broaden convenient administration and our ceaseless endeavoring to keep up the confidence of our endorsers and individuals go far in making us effective. It is all around reflected by the grins of our satisfied clients.

A cordial environment is the thing that you will experience at Kadamba chits, in light of the fact that each client of our own is a companion of us. We consider every one of you personally. Enter kadamba chit Fund Company in Bangalore when needing cash and turned out as a companion.


Over the long haul, our developing rundown of customers reflects the trust rested on us. Similarly, does our sense of duty regarding keep up your confidence in us. Broadening convenient customized benefit in view of trust for four decades now we accept this opportune open door to offer our thanks to one and all, who have made this conceivable.


Financial arranging is obligatory for everybody. It is sensible to reserve a little sum from your business/pay each month as a save to confront any possibilities in business, for example, value fluctuations, change in government approach, vehicle buy and rivalry.

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It is at last your cash. Why given others a chance to win profit with the intrigue you pay them? You can acquire profit from your cash - that is the thing that Chit plans are about!

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