As time passes, our growing list of clients reflects the trust reposed on us. Likewise, does our commitment to keep up your faith in us. Extending timely personalized service based on trust for four decades now we take this timely opportunity to express our gratitude to one & all, who have made this possible.

EMERGENCY FUND : The Little money you save every month serves as emergency fund, as you can draw it when you need it most.

SIMPLE PROCEDURES : No complex formalities are involved. We see to it that the procedures are as simple as possible, even the paper work involved is minimum, making it very convenient for you.

HOMELY ATMOSPHERE : Friendly people and homely atmosphere with personalised service is what we tender to you.

SURE RETURNS : You can be sure of good returns for any scheme you opt for.

SECURE : Your money will be safe in the careful hands of the Company


  • Financial planning is mandatory for every one. It is sensible to earmark a small amount from your business/income every month as a reserve to face any contingencies in business such as price fluctuations, change in government policy, vehicle purchase and competition.
  • Similarly, social events need to be financially planned. Housing, education, marriage and travel have all become finance intensive.
  • Subscribing to chit schemes is akin to creating a generalized contingency reserve, which may be liquidated in case of any business or social contingency. Target money is not bound by end-use considerations.
  • The biggest advantage that the institution of chit funds has to offer is that you can plan in advance for any forthcoming capital outflow even if you are not aware as regards the exact timing of such outflow. For example, a marriage may materialize in 5 months or 15 or 25 months. (That the event is certain, timing is not. Planning must be done accordingly).
  • The second advantage is when the capital outflow is large, chits offer flexibility of breaking this large requirement into fragments. Membership of a small chit may be taken after convenient time gaps so that installment outflows are easily managed.


  • It is ultimately your money. Why let others earn profit with the interest you pay them? You can earn dividend from your money - that's what Chit schemes are all about!
  • Chit schemes are organized on a personal basis and have lesser stringency involved.
  • Decision making is comparatively faster.
  • The income from chit schemes compare favorably with the incomes from bank schemes in many cases
  • Liquidity is compromised when you make a FD or join a recurring deposit scheme. You may get a loan approximately up to 75% of your deposits.
  • In chits, the prize amount is always more than the amount of deposits made in the chit.
  • Rate of Returns will be calculated from the day of joining the chits.
  • In case you borrow the chit, you still are benefited from the returns.